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WP Sticky Sidebar plugin will make your floating sidebar menu visible at all times, making it permanently visible while scrolling. The biggest problem with default sidebars is that they can be seen only when the user is in a particular viewport where the sidebar appears. So what’s wrong with that? The biggest problem is that your visitors can’t navigate easily from anywhere on the site using the sidebar menu, and in many cases your bounce rate will skyrocket because you will find that your website’s visitors are leaving the site because they did not find what they were looking for.

Once you install the plugin, your fixed sidebar menu will always be visible, and this will increase your website’s usability, accessibility and therefore will increase your general conversion rate. If you want to change the CSS style, disable on scroll down or disable on specific pages. check out the Pro version.


  • Your floating sidebar menu will help your visitors navigate easily through your site
  • Allow your visitors find page they were looking for and reduce bounce rate
  • Super easy to install, usually will work out of the box


By default, it uses “#secondary” css id under “Sticky Class” setting field and that should be modified for different themes to make them work. Don’t forget this, it’s a mandatory field for certain themes. Use additional margin top to fine tune sidebar menu position.

Sticky sidebar plugin will work out of box with some themes which use “#secondary” id for sticky sidebar menu by default such as: Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Twelve, Total, Flat Bootstrap and many more… Plugin is localized (multi language support) and will allow you to create a responsive fixed sidebar (as far as your theme is).


  • Sticky Sidebar Class: CSS class or id of the sidebar element desired to be sticky. Defaults to “#secondary”. This is mandatory field and it must be filled!

  • Container Class: Container element class or id. If left blank script will try to guess. It must be element that contains both sidebar menu and content. Usually it is #main, #main-content or #primary. Mostly this parameter is not needed for majority of themes.

  • Additional Top Margin: An additional top margin in pixels to your floating sidebar.

  • Additional Bottom Margin: An additional bottom margin in pixels to your floating sidebar.

  • Disable sidebar stickiness if screen width is smaller than: this feature will prevent the appearance of the sticky sidebar.

  • Update floating sidebar menu height: Troubleshooting option, try this if your sidebar menu loses its background color. True or False.


  • Disable floating sidebar on Desktop/Mobile
  • Add CSS style to the sticky sidebar – create your custom sidebar
  • Disable floating sidebar on specific pages, front page, blog page, posts, categories, tags, archives
    >>> See Pro plans here


“I was using my default theme’s sticky sidebar, but it was not working as I want on my blog, then I got this plugin and it worked perfectly.”

Divesh Diggiwal, WebTechPreneur

Plugin integrates magnificent Theia Sticky Sidebar v1.7.0 javascript code (Released under the MIT license, Copyright 2013-2016 WeCodePixels and other contributors) with WordPress

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